Partnership in old age – this is how relationships stay strong

Love and partnership are by no means tied to a certain age. Many people dream of spending their old age happily with their partner . Whether it is a lifelong relationship or a new great love – the partnership in old age is something very special. Even if they have some H CHALLENGES entails, it is worth it to you to work, because a healthy relationship enhances the quality of life and overall well-being.

Maintaining the relationship in old age

Couples who have been together for several decades have experienced a lot together – that welds together and provides a solid foundation for a partnership in old age. You know your partner very well and you know what is important to him or her. But habit quickly turns into daily grind: your career is over, the children have long been out of the house and, in addition to all the qualities that you appreciate in your significant other, the traits that tend to bother you are all too well known. Find out here how relationships flourish again in old age and how the partnership becomes stronger than ever .

Partnership in old age

Triggers for relationship problems in old age

In your imagination, growing old together was more romantic and beautiful than it is in reality? The aging process and the changes that come with it pose many challenges to relationships . Of course, this does not apply to every partnership in old age. For couples facing relationship problems, the reasons for the difficulties can usually be traced back to age-related changes :

  • Different changes in the daily routine and sleep rhythm
  • Physical changes in one or both partners, often due to hormones
  • Different needs for rest
  • Proximity and distance become unbalanced
  • No shared hobbies and interests
  • Different needs for sexual tenderness
  • One of the partners “lets go”, the other suffers from it
  • Inequalities in the distribution of daily tasks or feelings of being patronized
  • Lack of topics to talk about
  • Living side by side instead of living together
  • One or both partners need help and care

Even if these relationship and marital problems appear less unusual in old age, it is important to work on them proactively – for a healthy partnership in old age .

Tips for a happy partnership in old age

happy relationship in old age gives joy and security , because loneliness is a problem that many seniors have to struggle with. This is counteracted with a strong partnership.

These tips will help maintain a strong partnership in old age or build a healthy new relationship :

  • Rediscover old hobbies together or find new interests together.
  • Focus on the present, live life in the here and now .
  • Take time for one another, common rituals enhance love in old age.
  • Mutual respect is the be-all and end-all, the basis with which you can quickly resolve disagreements – listen to your partner and respond to worries and wishes.
  • The little things make the difference. Show affection and attention to your significant other .
  • Discover new things together. Curiosity counteracts the daily grind.
  • Who is responsible for which tasks in the household? Divide all activities fairly among you.
  • Be open about your needs and stay open to the other. This also applies to physical needs.
  • Laugh together and take life with a sense of humor – laughter is healthy and strengthens the bond with one another.

Find a new relationship in old age

Who as a single in retirement is gone, often wants a new relationship – more free time and less social contacts can be the need for a partnership aged are often larger. The need for physical closeness is also not tied to any age. In many cases, the desire for a new bond arises several years after the spouse’s death . It is important to know that past relationships will always have an impact on new ones that emerge. Older people can benefit from this, because experience has taught them which characteristics of a partner are important to them and which conditions must be fulfilled in a relationship in order for it to be a happy one.

order couples

How can senior citizens get to know a new partner? Hobbies are particularly suitable for this . In the musical, cultural or sports club like-minded people meet. This environment is suitable both for making new friends and for getting to know potential new life partners. Even at senior meetings there is the opportunity to meet people of the same age who are longing for a new bond. If you don’t want to leave the search for a partner to chance, you can search for love with the help of advertisements or a dating site .

When a parent or grandparent enters into a new partnership at an advanced age, children and grandchildren often react skeptically at first because they are worried about changes in the family constellation. Here it is important that seniors communicate openly and confidently : The children go their own way and the older generation should also claim that. A new partnership in old age increases the quality of life and ultimately this is something that all children and grandchildren want their parents and grandparents to have.

Most people want tenderness, even at an advanced age

Sexuality in old age? Even if sexuality changes over the years, it remains individual and complex . The decline in sexual contact in old age usually has little to do with the fact that people no longer long for tenderness. However, age-related illnesses, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, drug side effects, and mental health problems affect many seniors. But those who focus on the desire for closeness and well-being instead of achieving top physical performance can also enjoy a fulfilled sex life in their partnership in old age .

partnership and sexuality

In order for both sides to be able to enjoy the love life, an open exchange of wishes, interests and preferences is essential. As long as this exchange takes place openly and honestly, relationships in old age can easily meet the sexual needs of both partners. Mutual listening and encouraging openness helps reduce feelings of shame over the aging body , and also contributes to a positive experience with sexuality in old age.

Getting older changes a lot. But love remains.

The maturity of old age comes with serenity, openness, and respect – these are fantastic conditions for a healthy relationship . In order to make the partnership as harmonious as possible in old age, it is important to work actively on it, as in any other interpersonal relationship. The nice thing about old age: You have a clear self-image and know your own wishes. This experience , paired with respectful interaction with one another, is the cornerstone of a fulfilling and harmonious partnership in old age .

The all-round support from PROMEDICA PLUS: Also a relief for the partnership

Frequent disruptive factors in relationships in old age are linked to the age-related need for support of one or both partners . If one of the two partners has limited mobility and this makes it difficult to distribute tasks in everyday life, this often has a negative effect on the partnership. Also, when a partner needs help maintaining personal hygiene, it can put a strain on the relationship. If one of the partners has a greater need for social interaction and leisure activities than the other, tensions quickly arise.

These and other problems in partnership in old age have one thing in common: 24-hour care at home relieves the situation , so that there is more space for happy moments together . The care offer of the senior care of PROMEDICA PLUS includes :

cosy old couple
  • Home help
  • personal hygiene
  • mobility
  • Food

With all-round care at home , Eastern European carers live in the four walls of the elderly and provide individual support with daily tasks . This offer can also be used by couples together – we will be happy to advise you on the special features of looking after couples and the costs involved . Get in touch now for a non-binding initial consultation!