Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a very hard to remember password. What should I do?
A: You must enter the members area from and set your own password.

Q: Do you offer a free domain name with your free hosting account?
A: No, we don’t. But our friends at offer. Check them out.

Q: I have lost my password. What should I do?
A: You can use our password reminder. It is located.

Q: Your system does not allow me to sign up. What is the problem?
A: Please follow the error instructions during signing-up. The username and the hostname must be in small letters.

Q: How can I upload my website?
A: You can upload your website using any FTP client or our File Manager.

Q: What are my ftp settings?
A: The FTP setings are as follows:
Username: your account username
Password: your account password

Q: I don’t have an FTP client. From where should I get one?
A: There are very good FTP clients located at TuCows

Q: My FrontPage can’t upload the files. What to do?
A: We do not support any Front Page Extensios. However we have a very easy to use FTP account and we also offer file manager for the webmasters who don’t use FTP.

Q: Do you support or will you support PHP, Perl (CGI directory), ASP, JSP, MySQL, Access databases?
A: Unfortunately we do not support these for security reasons.

Q: Can I use Flash and Java scripts on my page?
A: Yes, you can use flash and java script in your website.

Q: Do you have a web mail interface?
A: No, we offer only POP3 mail access.

Q: There is no problem receiving mail to my e-mail account with you but I can not send any mail?
A: We do not offer an authenticated SMTP. You must use as SMTP (outgoing mail server) the SMTP of your current ISP.

Q: What are my POP3 mail settings?
A: The settings are as follows:
Username: your account username
Password: your account password
POP3 server:
SMTP server: the one of your local ISP

Q: What are the file names that I can use to set one of my HTMLs to be the default loading page ?
A: There are a few file names that you can use for the default loading page (index.html, index.htm, default.html, default.htm, home.html, home.htm, page.html, page.htm – sorted by priority).

Q: Am I allowed to upload software and/or MP3 files ?
A: As long as you have created the software or the MP3 you are allowed.

Q: Can I change my subdomain?
A: Unfortunately there is no option to change your subdomain. However we have no limits on the number of accounts you can have. So you can easy signup for another account and put your website there.

Q: Can I host my domain name with you and how to set it up?
A: Yes, you can host your domain name. The setup process is as follows:
1. You must set as nameservers for your domain the following servers: IP [] IP []
2. Add the domain name in the “Add domain” section of your members area.

Q: How do i create a website using fateback?
A: We do not provide online web site builder yet. We recommend to use Macromedia Dreamwaver located at. You can download it from there. It is 100% virtual and you can create your page very easy.

Q: I would like to know, can you provide a static IP to access the page?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a static IP.

Q: I see that you do not allow hotlinking. What do you mean by that?
A: If you have an account which is not in our hosting, you can not directly link from there to files which are in your account, thus you are using us as an archive and a source for your another webpage.
You can link to a webpage only (hyperlink).

Q: I see that you will set banners on my website but I do not know how to include the code?
A: Do not worry about the banners 🙂 We will put them automaticly once they are ready.

Q: May I use adult content on my website?
A: No adult content is allowed on our server.

Q: May I use my account with you to store my files only?
A: No. You can just upload your website and the files related to it. We offer a FREE Webhosting Service, not a free Archive Hosting.